Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Starbucks would be wise to leave “Dumb Starbucks” alone

Hundreds have flocked to Los Feliz, California to line up at a store that’s half coffee shop, half performance art parody. “Dumb Starbucks” replicates the iconic Starbucks sign and logo, with the addition of the word “dumb” on all branding and menu items.

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Sochi Got the Gold. Bypassed Village Got Dust.

KAZACHY BROD, Russia — Even people who live 10 minutes away do not seem to know how to get to Akhshtyr, a mountain village that theoretically should be basking in the warm glow of the multibillion-dollar Olympic construction bonanza all around it.

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14 Financial Valentines to Give Your Sweetheart

Your typical Valentine’s Day conjures up images of flowers, candy and a candlelight dinner. Money—other than what you paid for the champagne and oysters—probably doesn’t come to mind.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

25 Outlaws Who Just Don’t Play by Society’s Rules

No matter how small the infraction, these people just want to stick it to the man… [via r/firstworldanarchists]

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Apple OS X Mavericks Server Training - A Definitive Guide

Note: This course is designed for users that already have experience with Mac OS X and are comfortable with the command line interface. In this OS X Mavericks Server training video course, you’ll be taken deep into the technical aspects setting up an OS X 10.9 server.

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